Friday, August 21, 2009

Sweet Little

you can't know I love flowers.
I give you _____biscuits to
calm your breathing & blowing
heavy sky-like birds

with natural smiles hiding
_________coffee stains & good frames//
don't save bad voices

You never took your time so I never
took the time to say good and other stuff like ________________________________bye.

If I called you Half-Wit would you
smile/clap/toss smart
constructions of music at me? Slash
point at scrapping cats.

Only half I know
is the girl to become
sweet sweet sweet little.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

a load at once

I have been
asking like

wondering if white is really a colou r?

I know, I know, I'm

like hollow pornography boot platforms
I am swimming in the water in _____one.

[happy but : not yknow]


These creasing folds appea
like a brown line around my shoulders.
box like the fluxus boy
like other boys
I am 100 years old & facing
among other things
__________________like custard creams.

And plastic bag shoes.

Wolf-whistled at by
among other things
_________________like bus drivers & lorry fuck wit
Googling my
among other things
________________like has Halle had botox & body
I don't want a tattoo for christ's
among other things
________________like Good Friday and pancake


Say some _______theoretical

fuck it I can't be ___


Spotting your hotpants from 60ft away
because they're bright
orange & you are
Clogged up & dancing in the name of
social reform I'll listen Mrs_______ Ms.

I am confused by your small hat
& your also orange _______________organs
they are quite nice but also a little bit odd.

I think you are quite sexy but

(fuck it.

You are much COOLER than me,
Harriet Street,
You are the ___________coolest.

Discuss this name with other
users (while you

try and work out what kkfdd means.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

03 & 04



I am like


"Sure, it was harder to dream at the start,

You are so darn cool _______Shoreditch

tht I am beginning to dress up like



Harry's purple
are not
my purple

because we are entirely different
people &
his are not real.


Common Interest - byootie

We lacked the neon sunglasses that the other boys


I also lacked the balls.


I think I do & more often do

like boys more than girls because________

they have smaller brains and bigger heads."


I liked
frappucinos before
Alice stole my idea.


Don't steal my (the blades of grass are dewy
against my dry & crusty hands.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Burning rubber
& other rubber things

I quite like your beard,
small old lady___
I also & maybe ever more
like your smelly coat (cat

Sucking a
dummy ___ left hand sided

_________I have
eaten too much

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sophie Robinson's Poetry Filth Month Begins...


If____________ hurt
like - inside fibrosis

places we would
__(but still jitter

standing on one leg.

It's not easy__
dancing a three-legged

Building Easter out of
caramel and
(____Golden f
& organ bland

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Put Your Words Together

A mixed bag of readings last night at the Roehampton student-run event, masses of poetry which was awesome for the side...

My poetry buddies Joe Stohlman, Harry Godwin and Lewis Basset-Yerrell all read, and I managed to take a few snaps before my phone died...

It looks like they're reading to an empty room here, but it was actually a pretty good turn out...

Nice chair..

See you at Openned, tonight @ The Foundry...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Holy Moly

My fist ever chapbook arrived in the post today from the printers. It looks so cool, but then, I would say that...

Buy one for a £1! : )

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thursday Things

This is a poem from my little collection which is being printed this week: Verbose Stage Dancing Plaudery

I've been invited to do (my second ever) reading on Thursday 12th March, in the Terrace Rooms of Grove House, Roehampton University. And I thought, seeing as I've been very neglectful of my blog, I might post a little preview : )

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

An Essay About Deviating

Attacking the homophobia
demands a great motion, Peter Tatchell.
The globe that moves.

There has seldom been
a performance so virtuosic in political
expression. So often a
militant declaration, manifested
in an organic sphere.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Short Winter Poems For Short Winter Days

This absence creates a war – My legs bubble I’m sure
with pips of post undoubtedly that my sh my sh my
short xmas trouble &

_____________________ that woman is staring at my ecstasy.
your swiss cheese plant
melts my heart
I have been standing at my window for Marble &
the last three weeks watching the sun-gloves stop my
go wondering why it would do tht why fingers tickling
4.30pm. & so I remember it’s winterrr loves or
& so _______________________ pulling
_____I shut up, Rebecca.____________triggers.
my botanical name
is a hot handed shame
If I am a hollow tree, then if I am a hollow tree then If I
am a hollow then if I am then I am.

If I am a broken record breaking hearts, and if I am a br
oken record breaking hearts and if I am broken and hollow
I would not tell you, or the ocean or a big red bus or
A bright yello taxi or any combination of lorries:
R e d y e l l o red yellowredyellored red yellowyello red yellow

Or if I am a smashed window then I’ll borrow tht, I’ll
Borrow. I don’t mind.

If I am a hollow tree then if I am a hollow tree then if
I am a hollow tree then I don’t mind.
a crash of pollen
ruined my Stollen
This absence creates a war, a sleek plastic leaf that
curls us up inside. I wouldn’t mind.

I crunch up my home-made home and package it
neatly in a Le Creuset casserole dish for one.
Shor, it’s fine, shor.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Thought & So I Did, Love

we are not always at the same time we
are not always in the same place so
we are often a little further than a handshake so
I offer my foot & that probably reached. I
am not always in the same food or sometimes
mood as you. I close something. I am
not always in the same crutch. So we shake.
Being lying down - as you might be now,
I lie down too. I am not always climbing
into the same pair of Levi's with you, we are
and not always climbing into bed with you,
you are too much out of here.
____oh strange and beautiful volta
____i am laughing at the same time at you.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Something Frumping and A Dumpling

did you see this? this is a, this,
did you see this? this is where you
(isn't it odd to think that this is
blackness inside when there's all
this light around & why all the
colours in my stomach lining might
never know what colour is.
have you seen my eyes? they're
my eyes - they're not my best
my minds eye here and herr
with your heart or your mind or
someother greater essence? rr
your soul? where does that
come from? & if I had these
legs, as opposed to these legs
million dollar baby & crusty
with diamanté.
Will says he laughed, Tony smiled
& George nearly cried. the
old lady is making me grin and
smile at the same time as the
chinese man bows to her oddly
familiar Reebok Classics, where
her slender feet might once have
stood on little red heels with a
strap across the front
____________________& there's her
scarf & I larf. it's patronising but
a pint of Tommy Ts poured over
her artisically arranged (i powered
down the gym, (i plugged myself in
(i worked myself up (i hugged my
hot hands dry and sang
because the white lady told me. i
can't see her aura, but she's telling
her headscarf radiates it by a million
more times than my flat blonde wig.
i sat and watched this...she with her feet
black and...I watched where the sun
laughed in their open mouths as they sped
like they were on motorbikes smoking
brillos of hot and sultry plumming priorities.
today is. it isThursday and it's nearly
Friday. Something swims in my shallow
Gaza intestine river (a stripper
slips a note in my tracksuit bottoms
and I think my membership must be
due. i realise I've got Russia in my back
pocket. you love it.
My boy talks about
Sexus, Nexus & Complexus like we
know what they are. we're staring
and exploding and some other things
happen but they're not as interesting so
I dismiss them as happenings and not
an artistic poesy blushing on my iridescent
nose hairs. watch:
(I hum a while. No tune, just notes) Dddid
you see them sparkle? and in doing that-
for you, just now-i am maddened, reddened
hardened (not like that. people think -
because I'm blonde,
__________________that I act stupid. but
that's it - i'm not acting.