Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Poem A Day - 3. Tiny Tiny

Mother mother turned to me she listens like cats with big eyes and tiny tiny
Gentle stirring, you try too hard & work too much be gentle gentle

Sitting there with your long blonde hair you look look certain like 75 ladies
Crouch by here & by her and tackle her long winded problems
She's only got you small small & other things //

Don't frown like that furrow smashing light bulbs into cross-chambers & &
_____suddenly there's not much since and after there's nothing really
God I miss you God I miss you God I miss you.

But only sometimes & then other ways appear and we run long handed
against the brisk and sharp & against the cold and dark

And little lights appear and we snatch them up like children
This is ours this is ours this is ours.

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Poem A Day - 2. Never

I held your eyes today
because I thought it
was probably/definitely
the correct & right thing

to do

but it goes on too long
and you lose interest
_____craning and
jerking formidable little

we just stop here a
second because I/me
an, I don't really think
this is working, I/me

Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Poem A Day - 1. Hallo Hallo

I neglected you small_______

greater I forgot &

maybe I didn't care very much or maybe

smite / smote

feels like crumbling touch & outwitted by

a year previous

/year & a half


Throne in the saddle

flicker wick & tackle

head long _______

master plan in waiting &

& it's all alive again

sweating smiles & upper

fascinated by the ceiling

because it is so & so beautiful in comparison.