Friday, October 17, 2008

You Singular

Beat. Bang heat hot one.
Lingering thing with a long long long
The beat. Beaten track thick and waiting. And waiting waiting long.
Birthday ribbon.
I am hot.
I am hot
A hot one, bang beaten beaten.
On the track been beaten, been beaten on the track repeating.

Right that right that right song that wrong.
That try that one, that one, try that on, that bang, that bang
A a a a. A one. That is A a, a. A that is one.
A one, hot. A hot that is a. A one that is one that is one.
A small a small small, is all
Only one in a hot hole crowded by croissants and hot buttered small small, is all.
Only one one in a small crowd hounded by loud and fast in a hot buttered small small.
Who, and what one own, one on own, owned by none. On own is one and only. So.

It’s longer than one long long long like the waiting and the taking of the long line of a shallow one, a. the LongLong. Thick and sweet like a long wait in a hollow beaten track.
Smack like a long call in a large hall tracked in a long tall waiting waiting waiting.
So much to say say so much with waiting closed mouth hollow. Thick and sweet like a smack in the closed hollow mouth. Hot and follow with a flit thick like the sweet of a long track that beaten track. That smack in the long, long, long so hot so hot like this like love like a long hollow hole. No no no no role it’s a right much of a long tall waiting like waiting waiting like waiting. Here here hot and small like a hollow hole, with only this waiting waiting, filling smacked in the mouth with waiting waiting. Falling waiting waiting, here waiting waiting th- waiting waiting.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

That Chair

Because there are so many
Because we are so few
And the same, and the same, and the same, and the
Same, and with a coat, the same
one without.
And this. A red hug
a bed. A red bed. Hug the bed, all red.
Except the legs.
The squashy, the the bouncy wealth.
the wealth, that bounce.
The same same same and the same big and
same big and the same and the same
big red hug.
Like the one with the coat, but without it coat.
And the same's not the red bed hug.
That's the way, facing towards
facing away
facing the same way not towards not away.
Facing in a big red
a big red bus. Small, no bus.
Amputee, four, without facing away.
Little amputee
like a hug in a haystack
not stacked.
Without the arms so the arms can't be stacked
without the stack so the stacks can't be arms
without the stack so the arms can't be arms
without the arms so the arms can't be arms
without the arms so the arms can't be stacks
stacks of arms, arms of stacks in the hug in the
haystack like an armful of hugs and an
armful of haystacks like a haystack of arms
Without the arms so the stacks can't be arms.