Wednesday, February 20, 2008

And When I Was Juliet

And the end only
marked the beginning of something new
And the end only
made me realise I was a figment
And in the end
you had your head shaved
you just said

"I had to get the Romeo out of me."

At that time
I clung to the star 
I'd hung around my neck
And wished it was as easy as
shaving your head.

My lips had turned into my eyes
it sounded to me as if I were water.

The past
drifted along like a bag without its contents
blowing in the wind.

And in the end
I only really told you anything
Through the window
so you couldn't hear

It's easy to scrape
finger marks down the arms of your chair,
but it's harder to admit 
you miss being everyone's idol...

Even if you weren't.

And in the end
who was I?

And the end only 
showed me I didn't know myself.

And most of all, most of all.
The sun went to sleep
And when I woke,
I was not the star I'd planned

And in the end
I was the moon,
reflecting someone else's light.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Do What You Do

WIth my arms flung about myself, and all the wish to leave alone.
Today I sat in abandon. 
Making hearts in the sand with my hot finger tips
How I sat, in my September dress,
Just left of the summer, when the days grow longer and broader.

How he strummed his finely tuned guitar,

Hidden in two.
All the light in his eyes and his soft warm touch
And the pads on the floorboards.
The lifelessness of your sleeping corpse

Friday, February 1, 2008

A toast my 
To something we share.
Stamping in glass slippers.